Meet Neil


Have you ever asked yourself...

“How do I only work with clients that I want to work with?”

“What can I do to stop chasing people, and start attracting people?”

“How do I build a business while preventing the burnout that comes from it?”

Let’s face it, if you’re a real estate agent and are reading this, you want to grow your business, work with clients who respect you as a professional, and avoid the stress of it all.

That’s Exactly Why This Site Exists

You’re probably here to see if I (or this website ) can help you. Then again, maybe not – you might’ve been warned to stay away from here and you wanna know why.

What you WON’T hear me say

Normally, you might expect a list of achievements, but that’s NOT what this “About” page is… about.   As well, you’re not going to hear me say that I’ve got the “magic bullet” to grow your business.

But instead, let me share with a bit of my background, so you can see why I take the stance that I do.

Stupid Plan: Becoming The Mega


Like a lot of real estate agents out there, when I started selling real estate my main focus was to sell as many homes as possible, to make a lot of money, and to become a mega agent with a big team around me.

Well, I succeeded.

And within 2 years I became our company’s top agent, and was ranked in the top 1% of the nation.  I was the youngest agent in company history to achieve this.

But the star status went straight to my head.  I was an arrogant-know-it-all real estate agent who only cared about myself.  And that meant I only did what would bring in more clients for me.

I Get Sick Just Thinking About This

Like for instance, I would tell sellers that they should do an open house not because it would help sell their house (which only accounts for 1% of all homes sold), but because it would give me the opportunity to meet more buyers to work with.

Or, I told sellers that I would put their house in a magazine every month even though I knew it would only help me list more properties.  I did what I needed to do to get listings, not what it took to sell their house.

I soon found myself attempting to master other aspects of real estate.  In 2005 I bought 2 million dollars of real estate.  I was flipping about 10 homes a year, I was building homes to sell, I was buying mini-storage buildings, and residential rental properties.  I was obsessed with making money.  I didn’t care about people, I only cared more about making money.

Losing Everything!

Well, in 2008, I was taught a lesson.

The real estate market was crashing.  My sales took a hit, my rental properties sat vacant, new construction that would sell in days was now sitting for months and in some case years.  I couldn’t back peddle fast enough.  I lost it all!

Now we could have filed bankruptcy against the bank and other individuals who were investing with us.  But I decided I couldn’t do that.

Instead we decided to humble ourselves and sell everything so we could pay people who invested in me. We sold so much stuff the kids feared they were next.  But during this process of downsizing, that is when it hit me.

When I was sitting with my head down that is when something stirred in me.  That is when I realized I needed to change.  I need to quit living for myself.

Real Estate Isn't About Properties

I needed to live beyond myself.  I needed to be intentional about helping people.  That is when I realized real estate is not about how many transactions you can complete, real estate is about people! AND that is what I have set-out to do.

Now, I just want to help people…

I discovered that in order to connect with people you need to engage.  Two ways for you to engage with people is by empowering and educating them.  You need to stop chasing people and start attracting people.

I am NOT out to complete more transactions, I am out to help more people.

Discovering my true passion

I was on vacation with my family.  My wife and I were sitting on the pier overlooking a beautiful northern Wisconsin lake.  We were having one of “those talks”.

I poured out my heart, and confessed to my wife that I wasn’t working in my passion.  I love to speak, write, and coach, but felt like I was stuck.

You see, we are in the mists of paying back $264,000 from the recession.  It was no time to be making a career change.  But what I really wanted to do was to lead a real estate sales team, and go into coaching other real estate agents.  I felt I could make a greater impact in the industry that I loved so much.

But now was the not the right time, or was it?

Another door opened for me


Later that year, I received a call from another firm in town.  They had heard me speak on multiple occasions and were wondering if I would consider becoming their CEO and coach their agents.  I immediately thought, “oh boy…this could be it”.   I was pretty excited, but there were somethings that I DIDN’T like about the job.  Like, I wouldn’t be able to coach my strategies, and I would be responsible for mass recruiting.  Two things I didn’t believe in, but I thought maybe I could get past that.

Before deciding, I thought I should seek council.  Boy, am I glad I did! (Thank you, Keith Gilmore for suggesting this!)

So I reached out to a new friend of mine.  Just a few months earlier my wife and I joined a new church, and there we became instant friends with someone I’ve grown very close to – Dan Spransy (and at the time my “competition” from another real estate firm).  At the end of every service, we’d find ourselves in the back, talking shop until the lights were turned off.  

We both knew God was working on something, but just didn’t know what that was exactly.  

As months went on, I shared with him more and more about all the things I have a passion for, and what I’d love to do someday.  But I figured someday would be a long ways out.  

Well, after looking more into the culture and environment that Dan built his company around, I was convinced, if I had a chance to start this new journey, I’d love to be able be apart of what he’s doing.

So, when Dan offered me an opportunity to do what I’m called to do, it was a huge risk! But because the priorities of my life, as I mentioned, became so real for me… it was quite obvious my new journey was about to start – it was someday!

A couple months later, I found myself in my dream role.  We currently have 60 agents on our team here at Realty Executives Cooper Spransy.  I am responsible for coaching our agents.  I am also responsible for leading the company, maintaining its amazing culture, and assisting in the company’s steady growth.

So why would I start a podcast?  Well to be honest, I love to talk!  

No, all kidding aside.  I want to empower our real estate industry as a whole.  I want to challenge the status quo. It breaks my heart to see so many agents come and go.   I want to help agents grow their business, 

In addition to the podcast in 2017 I launched my official coaching program for REALTORs, not only at Realty Executives, but for agents across the world.  If you're a real estate agent reading, I would be honored to talk with you about your business and see if I might be good fit for you.  Learn more here. 

My Family Comes First (#1 Reason For My Success)

I’ve seen what happens to the family of many high achievers – they leave a trail of relational wreckage on the side of the road.So… for me, family is priority #1.  It’s where my life starts and ends.  My wife, Jenny (who I’m madly in love with), and our two young daughters Natalie and Izabella (they’re so amazing!), are my chief source of inspiration and happiness.After being brought to my knees too many times, I have come to the simple reality that a strong family is foundational to a strong business.  And as a result, my conviction about my family permeates my commitment to personal integrity, and how I serve my clients.


It may sound a bit cheesy, but everyday I celebrate life… seriously!  Why shouldn’t I?  I’ve been given too much to not live a life of thankfulness.  And it’s my passion to pay these blessings forward, seeking to enrich everyone around me.  And one of the ways I do that, is by helping families to become great financial stewards of their money, with one-to-one mentoring and class-style training.Well, that’s me in a nutshell.  What about you?  I’d love to hear more about you!  It doesn’t have to be about real estate (personally, I’d rather it’s not) – so give me a call, email me, or connect with me on Social Media – I’d love to meet you!