Realty Executives

Who We Are & Who We’re NOT

It’s odd we know, but in order to know who we are, it’s best you know a little bit about who we are not.

  • We are not your run-of-the-mill Dane County Real Estate agency. While real estate is our expertise & profession, it’s not our only focus because our “WHY” behind it all is much deeper (just ask… but be warned, we may get a lil’ misty-eyed).
  • While most agencies unknowingly operate out of scarcity & fear, where agents look at each other as competition rather than teammates, our culture is founded upon the belief that our clients are best served when we work out of a genuine growth mindset.
  • So the focus of our leadership is to serve everyone out of a heart of abundance – to promote generosity & healthy competition, by learning from one another and challenging each other to push the limits of what is expected, so that the client’s experience can be EXTRA-ordinary!
  • We don’t loosely use corporate buzzwords, like ‘innovative’ ‘excellence’, ‘integrity’, without our leadership modeling them first (although the phrase ‘synergistic-ness’ is a fun one to throw around).
  • Our offices are not set up like the typical cubicle-filled workspace.  Free-flowing co-working areas with a kitchen stocked full of treats & beverages of all kinds. We even provide FREE childcare for our clients & agents out of our East office.
  • We are NOT a kid-free zone, because family isn’t just an ideal here, but how we want everyone to feel, agents, clients & friends. (Shoes are required though – legos can be sharp!)

Our Story (It’s long-winded but worth the read) 

Back in ‘06, if you were to have told Dan Spransy, that he’d be leading a team of 60+ agents, and actually NOT working the normal 70-80 hours a week, he would’ve told you, “You’re crazy!!” When Dan first started this company, it was just him, another broker and 2 other agents, working in a crammed storage room inside the office of a mortgage company.  It was pretty humbling. Seemed like every time the phone rang, the nearby compressor went off at the same exact time. Despite the rough beginning, Dan was pushed to learn a ton about himself… especially, when the market crashed.  That was scary!  That’s when things seem like they were going down hill. There came a point when he said… 

“Let’s just close down the firm andgo be an agent at another company!”  

And when he was approached by several companies to join their team, it was very tempting to say yes!  But by God’s grace the team survived. Not necessarily because they “knew” what they were doing, they were just very intentional about a lot of things. 

For one, Dan knew he couldn’t keep a fear-driven hold on the company.  He believes that this is NOT “His Company” – that it was God-given, and that he’s just along for the ride!  But that didn’t mean they just floated along without any worries. Truth is, it was much like a ship being built at sea. So as they grew, their biggest challenge was protecting & maintaining the company culture. Because Dan and his fellow agents wanted to be about bringing real change to the industry, they knew trying to fit the mold of the normal successful agency would just be following the status quo. Which meant Dan had a make a bold out-of-the-box move! 

So, in Dec of ‘14, he brought on one of Dane County’s most highly-successful agents, [Cue Neil Mathweg!]… but NOT as an agent.  Because Dan recognized Neil’s true fulfillment came from empowering other agents how to build a successful real estate business, by helping them to challenge the status quo & redefine what it means for them to be a REALTOR©, while eliminating the stress of it all (which partly comes from his ridiculously infectious joy). 

Together, with Dan in the owner/broker driver’s seat and Neil as the CEO & career coach, their hearts were full of vision & hope for the future. But they knew that in order to safeguard the success of the agency, they needed a leader to keep everyone’s feet to their ground.  So in Feb of ‘15 they tapped the shoulder of Matt “Mad Dog” Doyle, for the role of CFO (imagine Dwight Schrute but without the unfettered aggresion). Doyle is the spreadsheet-lovin, contract-analyzing, defensive coordinator who ensures everyone stays compliant and the numbers match up.. Since then, there have been many bumps in the road… some bad and some good. 

All in all, with Dan, Neil & Matt leading this new change, it’s been an ongoing journey of learning what it means to bring a greater impact into the lives of our family, friends, community, and world at large. 

If You Really Want to Know…Like we said, Family is so much more than an ideal with us. That’s why one of the main passions behind our culture, is growing the foundation which Dan Spransy started, to make it possible for families, to care for orphaned children and hopefully find them a “forever family”.  Check out right now!