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Are you a new agent looking for a coaching program that you can tailor to your strengths?

Hi, my name is Neil. I’ve been a top producing agent for 15 years; I’ve coached over 50 agents; I host a top-rated real estate podcast; I’ve studied, listened to, and observed agent after agent. 

Helping real estate agents succeed is what I do. That’s my passion.

I’ve seen way too many agents come and go in this business. And my heart just breaks for the new agent who doesn’t make it. 

I believe I have figured out the formula to help all new agents succeed.  

No, it’s not another prospect more, try harder, make more phone calls, script practicing course that we are all used to. 

In the process of helping new agents and struggling agents succeed, I made a discovery:

As long as you have a CLEAR PLAN that is well crafted around your strengths AND you stay CONSISTENT with that clear plan, you will succeed. 

I also observed that the agents who didn’t “make it” in the business lacked one thing: CONFIDENCE. 

Why did they lack confidence? Simple. They weren’t working from their strengths; they were trying to fit into a box created by someone else. 

When I started in this business I was told I needed to spend 2-3 hours a day prospecting. If I didn’t, I would never succeed. 

So I hired a coach. I bought a course. I practiced the scripts. I tried to do what I saw other successful agents doing. 

Guess what? It didn’t work. I mean, I tried. But I hated it. I wasn’t any good at it. I wasn’t playing to my strengths. 

Sure. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone. But this was more than that. It was torture. I couldn’t do it, and, in the end, I felt like a huge failure. Ever been there?

I found myself facing an awful choice: Do what I hate in order to succeed, or do what I love and fail.

There had to be a different way. And, in fact, there is. I found what worked for me, and now I focus on finding what works for you. 

Top real estate agents are not carbon copies of one another. Not at all. Instead, they use their own unique strengths to succeed. 

What if I showed you how to do the same thing?What if I showed you how to succeed while loving what you do?

What if I showed you how to leverage your strengths and feel good about your business?What if I showed you how to emerge from the fog of too many choices into a clear plan that’s right for you?

What if I showed you how to consistently do what you love and get the results you want?What if I eliminated the need for you to compare yourself with other agents, because your plan is yours, not theirs?

What if I helped you create an atmosphere where other agents become team members helping you succeed?

I would like to welcome you to RoundBox Coaching, a six-week, video-on-demand course complete with a full written study guide, systems to help you succeed, and a thriving support community. 

Let’s start with the name. Why RoundBox? 

Too many coaching programs make you fit in a box with all those sharp corners—if you don’t fit, too bad for you. We don’t do that. We give you room to be you. We build your plan on what you think you will enjoy and what you’re good at doing. 

So it's a round box!  Pretty clever, hey?

The truth is you’re on your way to your own success. We understand. Some structure is good. But too much starves the entrepreneurial spirit we Realtors crave. 

What does RoundBox Coaching do for you?

Roundbox helps you develop a clear plan by taking you through 15 strategies available to build your business, and then you pick THREE. (Not 15, but 3.) You develop your plan in a way that honors your strengths. 

You will learn how to leverage sphere of influence, chase and attraction strategies to create a well rounded plan the sets you up for strong growth while protecting you against burnout. We call this the “Three Pillar” approach, and you’ll learn all about it in RoundBox Coaching.

I also protect you from what I call “shiny object syndrome.” Shiny object syndrome robs you of the results you deserve for the investment of effort you put into your business. In fact, this syndrome may be responsible for more real estate agent failure than any other. But no worries. We immunize you against that right away from Week #1.

Because of the way RoundBox is structured, I save you months—even years—of searching for what works best for you. 

I think we all know this: It doesn’t matter how fast you run if you’re running in the wrong direction. I help you get off the starting blocks in the right direction, so every step you take moves you closer to your goals.

Isolation is a mistake in this business, and we help you avoid that trap. Instead, you will be part of a supportive community in your RoundBox Focus Group. We’ll help set up a RoundBox Focus Group in your office if five other agents are taking RoundBox. Otherwise, we have conference call and Facebook options available to get you into the group that will help you.

On top of all this, your RoundBox Coaching Course includes motivational teachings, guidance on winning more listings, email templates to better serve your clients, and many more tools and systems to help you grow your business. 

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